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Should ICE agents be punished for enforcing immigration laws? Of course not!

Please sign the petition below asking ICE Director John Morton to reward, not punish, his agents for enforcing U.S. immigration laws

In August, 2011, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Director John Morton issued a memo to all ICE agents in which he outlined criteria allowing them to use their “prosecutorial discretion” to determine if an illegal alien is eligible to avoid deportation. The “Morton Memo” laid the groundwork for President Obama’s Executive DREAM Amnesty announced earlier this summer allowing certain illegal aliens to remain in the United States and get work permits.

Reports are now emerging of ICE agents using their prosecutorial discretion, but then being punished if they determine an illegal alien should be put in deportation proceedings. A veteran ICE agent recently arrested an illegal alien who had 10 traffic violations. The ICE agent determined, in his discretion, the alien did not fit within the outline of the Morton memo or the Executive DREAM Order and initiated deportation proceedings. The agent’s supervisors overruled him and ordered him to release the illegal alien. As a result of attempting to do his job, the agent in question is now facing a three-day suspension. If suspended now, this military veteran and eighteen year federal law enforcement officer will be fired and lose all retirement benefits earned if he attempts to exercise prosecutorial discretion again in the future.

Sign this petition to John Morton telling him that he should be encouraging ICE agents to enforce the laws duly enacted by Congress. Law enforcement officers should NEVER be punished for upholding the law.

79,601  have signed the petition already!

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